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Pinocchio | FILM | APR 2024

Chigiana International Film Scoring Competition 2024

Wing it! | ANIMATION | JAN 2024

Score Relief 2024

Trail of Light | ANIMATION | DEC 2023

Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2024

Tadeo Jones 3 | ANIMATION | APR 2023

ScoreLive London Competition 2023

The Cook | FILM | JUL 2023

Indie Film Music Contest 2023

⭐ Placement: 23th ⭐

Lost in Time | ANIMATION | JAN 2023

Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2023 

Activities of Daily Living | FILM | FEB 2023

The Cue Tube Film Production Contest

Agent 327 | ANIMATION | JAN 2023

Indie Film Music Contest Winter '22 (FA:  24/02)

⭐ Placement: 30th ⭐

Die by the blade | GAME | AUG 2022

FMC Film Music Contest 2022 -

Finalist | 3rd Place

Genus Panthera | DOCUMENTARY | NOV 2022

The Cue Tube and Music Weeklies scoring challenge

Shibil | FILM | OCT 2022

FFM Scoring Contest - 

La bottega degli amici immaginari | ANIMATION | AUG 2022

Premio Mercurio D'Argento -

Bridgerton | FILM | AUG 2022

Spitfire Audio Scoring Competition - 

The Secret Number | FILM | AUG 2022

Indie FIlm Music Contest -

Placement: 28 out of 416 participants

Jonas and the Sea | ANIMATION | JUN 2022

Marvin Hamlisch International Music Awards -

The Outcast: Season 03 | ANIMATION | FEB 2022

Lei Cine Scoring Competition -

The Ahead | ANIMATION | MAY 2022

ANIMEGARON International Animated Film Music Competition -

⭐ Placement: TOP 10 Finalists

It was a pleasure  to score this beautiful film, mainly due to the strong emotions involved. As a first step, as I always do with scoring competitions, I performed a detailed "spotting session"  and came up with a thematic set  and sound palette for some key concepts: home, fear and panic, the idea of the "research" of a "cure", taking care of somebody with love. Once these ideas were fixed, the music and orchestration flowed naturally over the course of an afternoon.

I am honored to  have been selected as part of the TOP 10 composers (9th finalist) among more than 100 international ones. Proud to have represented Italy at this valuable initiative by Megaron Athens Concert Hall.

Nomination Video

Scored Video Clip

Oticons Faculty 2022 | FILM | FEB 2022

International Film Scoring Competition -

Klaus | ANIMATION | FEB 2022
ScoreLive London Film Scoring Competition -

Re-scoring this scene, taken from the wonderful animated film Klaus, was very rewarding, because it is a scene that mixes some of the most emotionally rich elements of the art of making film music: action, thrilling, love, comedy, drama, fear and hope. From an aesthetic point of view, I wanted to use the full orchestra preferring a classic style, which in my opinion was well suited to the historical context of the setting of the story narrated. In this case I wanted to create a musical sequence at constant BPM, i.e. keeping the tempo unchanged, conceptually as if to imply a continuous and unstoppable (immutable) flow of the chase on the sled: the real logistical difficulty was therefore to identify an adequate tempo, that harmonized well the various passages of the entire scene.

Sprite Fright | ANIMATION | JAN 2022
Score Relief Film Scoring Competition -

It was fun to re-score this film. One important step in the process has been to establish the "sound" of the tiny magical hard-working sprites creatures: 5 contrabass trombones and bassoon, french horns, violas & xhylophone. For the night battle, I used the same chord pattern as used previously, with a minor scale to give way to the dark potential of the creatures - only sensed lightly until that moment - to evolve and explode up to a "dies irae"-like climax.

Like and Follow | ANIMATION | DEC 2021
Score The World Film Scoring Competition - 

⭐ Placement: 65th

Spoiler Alert.

In this video we finally discover the narrative frame of a dystopian world controlled by smartphones, where human beings are controlled in order to constantly use multimedia content and lose the opportunity to experience the outside world. The point of view is the one of smartphones this time! 

The main theme is recalled in three moments, during the opening credits, during the epiphany of the protagonist, and finally at the end of the credits. The theme of the master of the smartphones is conceived in a swing key with gaming-oriented variations (analog sounds were used, with 2-3 oscillators) and is then completely revisited in the coda, with thriller / horror connotations that are deliberately ironic in the final rendering (complete with a church organ!).

Genesis | ANIMATION | DEC 2021
Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2022 -

For an animated film like this one, it is important to find the tone colors of each main character. In this case my choice has been to use woodwinds and strings pizzicato for the lizard and synthesized bells for the robot. Also the bassoon was used to described the discovery of the ancient and lush planet. Corn anglais best described the final  "dramatic" choice of the robot to stay, and stare at the sunset.

2022 | Montreal International Film Scoring Competition


"Songe" is an intriguing film, which leaves lots of room for  different interpretations. Though, it's very clear to me that the kind of "through the looking glass" experience is a pretext, to describe the path of the female character to discover herself, to ultimately understand the secret that lies within her. The acceptance of her duality remains intangible, in the muffled atmosphere of the snow. And it is the concept of acceptance which I have decided to support with music, in the form of a love theme.

January 2022


"Send Help"

It was a lot of fun to put this hilarious gaming-style clip to music. First of all because it allowed me to introduce some infrequent musical instruments, such as the harpsichord, and then it allowed me to insert sound elements from the rock world such as the Hammond organ, the electric piano and the use of the distorted electric guitar. and electronic drums. The light and teasing tone of the narrative was rendered in music with the alternation of more orchestral parts and more pop sequences.

January 2022


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